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Issue 14 is our Cryptids Special

featuring THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK, the Seventies TV classic GARGOYLES, a visit to the MOTHMAN MUSEUM, memories of the midway madness known as SPIDORA, a look at the Ron Ormond "Godsploitation" classic THE BURNING HELL, reviews, interviews, and so much more!
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Wonder 13 also available on Amazon

Check out our 25 page HAUNTED MANSION deep dive, a look at the dark rides of Kennywood, and our investigation into "The Secret Lives of Kid Detectives"!

Order the Blood of Dracula cover by Jim Peavy.

Or the Haunted Mansion cover by Lint Hatcher.

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Wonder 13 is still available from and includes the exclusive Haunted Mansion cover by Lint Hatcher.

Where else will you find a 25 PAGE “deep dive” into the Haunted Mansion — its 18 year genesis, strange and seemingly conflicting lore, and the three consecutive teams of Imagineers pulled off animation to work on Walt’s “haunted house ride”?

Also: Bradley Steele Harding on how THE WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL magically recreates the vibe of Eighties local TV, Bill Van Ryn on the dark rides of Kennywood, Micah Harris on MYTH, a FROZEN backstory, Robert Freese on how we can visit no longer extant amusement parks by watching movies, Greg Gick on the fiction of John Collier, Mike Bogue compares Toho’s original Kaiju conflict with GODZILLA VS KONG, a Victorian ghost story by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, and John W. Morehead shops for Robbie the Robot at Walmart.

It’s all about figuring out why we love the things we love — by mining that silvery vein of wonder that runs through them all. 96 pages / full color / $13.99

Covers from our Nineties Run

“WONDER magazine ran in print from 1987 to 1996, wryly referring to itself as “the children’s magazine for grown-ups” and patiently carving out an absolutely unique niche in the hearts of SF, fantasy, and fantastic media fans everywhere.” – Joel’s Music, Media & More

From our Haunted Mansion “deep dive” article:

Diving in despite the world’s apparent incongruous mixture of serious scares and whimsical good will is the nature of adventure…

The Ghost Host isn’t playing games. He is an agent of change. After all, just think about it — if by way of the Stretching Room we have descended into the Cave of the Unknown, if we are climbing into Doom Buggies, that can only mean one thing. 

Hours previous, we accepted the Call to Adventure. Parting ways with Main Street, U.S.A., we gained the help of our mentor, Walt, a tribal elder who “passes between worlds” with a mouse familiar. We approached a Magic Castle. We crossed the castle threshold into Fantasyland. Braving one fantastical challenge after another, we gathered allies — Peter Pan, Snow White, James Thaddeus Toad (keep an eye on him) — while in Adventureland we faced down pirates and recalcitrant hippos. Now, it seems, we face the Inmost Cave and the Ultimate Ordeal.

…And so, down the Otis elevator we go, into the Land of the Dead — lead by a ghost.

“Learn the true topography: the monstrous and wonderful archetypes are not inside you, not inside your consciousness; you are inside them, trapped and howling to get out.”
R. A. Lafferty